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New app and website in the making

The current application will be decommissioned and will not receive any support going forwards. We apologize for any inconveniences that it may cause. We are also updating our website with more information going forwards.

Get an overview

To make life with chronic illness easier.

RegIT - your digital health-diary is made for people with or people who have to take care of others with a chronic illness. RegIT provides a place to store your or their medical history, so it is easier to get an overview over the illness and can easier communicate concrete information to physicians. 

Our vision

Blazing the trail for an easier life with chronic illness.

RegIT has since 2016 changed the way how patients meet with the healthcare system. RegIT has helped its users keeping track over their own illness and made the distance from symptoms to diagnosis shorter. We have a vision to make it easier to live with a chronic illness, or to take care of one that has. Our goals are not only that RegIT should be easy and intuitive to use, but also help make the life with a chronic illness easier to live with.

What people say about RegIT

A super app that's easy to use. You always carry your phone, and therefore it's easy to log everything there. Regit is super with Fibromyalgia, which I have. RegIT was very useful under my medical examination with NAV and my physician.


I just want to say that this app is genius! We have a little boy at age 1 that has a lot of eczema and is frequently sick. He goes to kindergarten and has a new illness every week. I'm getting quite busy with many doctor visits due to all these different diseases. It's fantastic to have a single app, where I can get control over my day. Thank you! Regit makes my days easier!


I downloaded the app now, and it's totally PERFECT! It's going to get easier to get control over things now.



I think this app is a genius idea. I don't have to take care of small Post-It's, which I wrote on when I got allergic reactions. Everything is now centralized in the app. 

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